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Have you ever wonder what would happen to the insurance you bought in Malaysia when you are abroad? Will it still remain in force? If you are thinking of migrating to another country for good, do you need to cancel your existing policies before you leave? These are some of the questions raised in the […]

Medical card (一卡在手解忧愁)

很多的消费者在购买医药卡时都会有一些特定的要求就比如说有的人因为经济能力问题在购买医药卡时最先考量的就是价格越便宜越好,只要是在他们能力范围允许的,他们都不太注重医药卡的保障有些什么附带条件.所以今天就用这份简报和大家做个分项. 购买医药卡式必须注意的事项: 独立医药卡 (STANDALONE) 投资联结保单(INVESTMENT LINK) 保费较为低廉  Lower premium 保费较高  Higher premium 没有现金价值和回馈,不需要承担投资风险  No cash value or interest return but do not have any investment risk 有现金价值和回馈但是需要承担投资风险  With cash value and Interest return, need to bare with investment risk 保单缺乏弹性, 若要做任何保障或保费上的调整会遇到限制  Non flexible plan, not much changes can be made towards the policy 保单具伸缩性, 保客可以依照自己的需求和经济能力做出调整  […]