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Living in Debts = Inheriting Debts?

In our modern world, most us cannot avoid debts. As property prices soars, we cannot afford to wait till we have enough money to buy it in cash. What should we do? Borrow from banks. Just take a moment to reflect on ourselves. At some point in our life, there will be a moment where […]

Only 41% Malaysian are covered with life insurance !!

Only 41% of Malaysian are covered with Life insurance, how about the balance?  When comes to purchasing product, normally what product will become your priority and catches your attention?   Things that you can use it in your daily life?  Things that will bring you happiness and satisfaction for short while?   Things that are […]

Unwilling to retire

In Malaysia, when a retiree plans to retire he/she needs to think twice. Based on the newspaper above “unwilling retiree”  begs for his extension on his job. Although at 57 consider a golden age for relaxing, spending time with grand children, go outing with friend and relatives…etc. But the fact is we are facing  truth […]

My generation is becoming homeless

I saw the papers today on property section ” My generation is becoming homeless” , its sad to hear that housing prices are increasing over the years. Many of us do work each day for that salary, and hoping we could buy a dream house. Unfortunately, a salaried worker who earn RM3,000 per month now […]

Overseas medical

Have you ever wonder what would happen to the insurance you bought in Malaysia when you are abroad? Will it still remain in force? If you are thinking of migrating to another country for good, do you need to cancel your existing policies before you leave? These are some of the questions raised in the […]

Do you want your retirement fund be handle this way?

Those who worked hard knows that money is not easy to earn. A lot of us knew that EPF is our source of income during our retirement age.  By putting our retirement money all in one basket, question is it safe? or do we have other alternative plan? Answer is yes,  with Prudential Pru retirement, […]

Have you prepare your children education fund ?

What’s the difference between PruMy Child and other education Plan in the market PruMy Child (Investment Link) Other Insurer (conventional) Coverage starts as early as 18 weeks during Pregnancy Coverage start at age 2 weeks old after born One plan for Life (cover up to age 100) Maturity date for children education at age 25 […]