Great news for Mother to be!!!給即将成为父母们的好消息

A Great News to all the Soon to be Mother

Have you ever thought of giving your unborn baby the best protection when they are still in your womb? You will have no worries during your pregnancy till they are born. Prudential is always listening and always understanding, we have come out with a plan that suit your unborn baby the most. Compared to most juvenile plans that can only be purchased after the child is 2 weeks old, PRUearly start and PRUbest start serves to bridge this gap between those crucial periods – through pregnancy, birth of your child and as they

begin their journey into adulthood. You can take up this plan for your unborn child as early as 18 weeks up

until 35 weeks into your pregnancy and if you are between 18 – 45 years of age next birthday.




PRUearly start PRUbest start 与市面上多数只承保2周岁以上宝宝的子女计划相比,综合了您孩子在妊娠期、出世时及他们开始展开成年之旅时的所有需求,务必让您的小孩受到最全面的的保护。只要您的下个生日年龄介于18岁至45岁,即可在怀孕18周- 35周这段期间为尚未 出世的宝宝申请PRUearly startPRUbest start 计划。


Before Born

After Born

Immediate coverage and benefits for baby Congenital Illness

Waiting period for medical card and 36illness

Unborn baby and mother are covered

Both parties not covered

If baby is diagnose with any congenital illness or complication they are covered

If baby is diagnose with any congenital illness they might not be covered

If baby is born premature they will be coverage for in hospitalization

No coverage provided for baby pre mature

If the plan include medical car and 36illness, company might have exclusion on that particular illness or loading on the benefit

Might not be able to purchase any plan at all, premature baby might not be able to have any coverage till after age 2.

News Clippings

Interview with Dato Shiela Majid on PRU MY CHILD


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