Great news for ladies

Awareness among all ladies!

As we know out of 7 ladies in Malaysia, there will be 1 of them suffering from cervix cancer. Out of 10 ladies there will be 1 lady suffering from breast cancer. Cancer has become the fourth leading cause of death in Malaysia. Medical cost for cancer treatment is also increasing from year to year due to lots of external factor such as medicine price increase, fuel price increase, inflation rate. Cancer patient not only suffering from cancer stress but also financial pressure when it comes to footing the bill for cancer treatment in long term, even though sometime they do have medical card coverage but it is still insufficient, so as a smart consumer we shall look into extra coverage that could protect lady valuable assets such as our female organ. Prudential is always listening and understanding. We do have a comprehensive coverage for all the ladies in their lady hood to motherhood.

Benefit of the plan:

100% coverage on female critical illness

Do cover early stage for carcinoma-in-situ on breast and cervix

Life stage benefit which let you claim for happy event

  • Married
  • Child Birth

We do provide coverage on Motherhood such as

  • Pregnancy Complication
  • Children having Congenital illness for children till age 2 years old

We also provide 100% premium back guarantee if client do not make an claim till age 70years old.

Ladies, get yourself protected with a little money set aside every month.

No worries for your future during your lady hood and motherhood.

Start early and let us take care of you.


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