Life Stage

We are Here Now on earth. Just a blink of an eye. Our Life Begins in different stages

Stage 1: A Kings Life

Many of us pass through this stage, whether now you are young or old. That was the time when you and I born as a baby. Cries and laughter can be heard everywhere. A king or queen’s life is definitely enjoyable, we always get pampered by our parents. Our parents loves us. But the truth is can you imagine what our parents had gone through?.. No WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING YET !. Cause we are living in  a king and queens life.

Stage 2:  Life is like a sponge

Why is it a sponge, cause we live with instructions from our parents, relatives, teachers, and friends. We learn everything everyday, it could be how to grip a ball to catching fish in the drain. That’s what we learn and it create a character in us example: Fisherman or basketball player.  During this stage curiosity is on active mode, we learn more things around us like in school, parents ask us to get good grades, when we ask them WHY? They say its for our future !

What is future?

Stage 3: Emotion rules

Yes, many of us to had hard times over our teens. We learn the thing call “Stress” . An emotion of expressing a lot of information to Memorize. Our parents want us to do well, as it was their responsibility to guide us to our life. (HUGE TASK for parents). We work so hard to study in school, catching up with tuition classes, music, arts, dance and etc. We are like robots day in day out.

Stage 4:  Reality of life

After all the hard work in education, getting good grades or poor grades. We need to face reality, we can’t  expect to continue study and all the expenses paid by our parents! Right?. So we set out

for a job seeking high pay. Some of us dreamt of High Salary. Some ended up RM2,000 till RM3,000 per month.  Our parents advise us to stay patient and work hard in the company. Some listen, some don’t. With RM 3,000 a month isn’t sufficient to life if living in the city. Here is an example Monthly expenses for an income earner of RM 3,000 Monthly;

Food : RM 1,000

Rental: RM 400 with utilities bill

Car Loan: RM 600

Phone bill: RM100

Insurance: RM 150

Petrol : RM 500

Toll & Parking: RM 250

Entertainment: RM 300

TOTAL:  RM 3,300

So where’s does the extra RM 300 comes from?

It’s simple, That is where we found out Financial planning is important. Young executives now are trap in Credit cards debts. With that, more and more rate of people go bankrupt at early age of their lives.

Stage 5: Life X begins

What a life we gone through, after the stress of working life and the struggle for financial secure, many seek comfort and alternatives. That’s when love began. We find our partners to share our lives, after all if you cant solve the matter seek help! Humans need to help each other. That’s what we do. Our life journey seems to be fruitful, love grows each day, and a blink of an eye. WE ARE MARRIED!! . Good news is we have people to share our burdens, bad news is We need more space to live cause we are expecting a baby. Meaning to say expenses increases.

Baby food: RM 300

Baby’s Medical: RM 200

Baby’s Diapers: RM 200

Nanny: RM 800

Baby’s Insurance : RM 150

Baby’s education saving : RM 200 per mth

TOTAL : RM 1,850

This  expenses are based on couple staying in city, busy in life, need a nanny to take care of our babies when we are working.

Stage 6 : Financial Security

I can say mostly around 35 to 55 years old adults need to have a financial security. It is because of the world economy changes causes all price increase. Future is very uncertain, anytime people go jobless over the economy downturn. Families income drops as some of the children need to help out their parents in the shop.  Every single child depends on their parents to survive. So as parent HUGE Responsibility is on their shoulders.

Responsibilities as parents

  1. Take care of their children’s  Health & Education
  2. Take care of their job security in the company
  3. Take care of household income
  4. Take care of loans and investments
  5. Take care of their own retirement plan
  6. Take care of their own parents
  7. Take care of their family health
  8. Take care of their family leisure time (Travelling)

Stage 7 : Golden Days

This  is time people use to say THE REAL LIFE JUST BEGAN, Let there be travelling after hard work in life. Time is short, so most retirees spend their time travelling to see the world. These activity cost a lot and some using up the EPF funds. Not to forget age is catching up, so Medical is usually the issue. Medical bills cost a bomb these days, a minor injury on the knee due to home accident can cost up to operation cost RM 10,000. Many of these retiree seek insurance, and the premium is high, a retiree age 55-59 premium can cost ranging from RM300 to RM 700 Per month.  Here is the part of pain in their EPF Fund.

However, this is not only cost them during retirement. Take a look on an example monthly expenses for a retiree couple these days:

Monthly Expenses Per Couple

Food:  RM 1,000

Utilities bills : RM 200 (if staying in service apartment)

Astro: RM 180

Insurance: RM 500

Supplements: RM 300 ( vitamin A,B,C,D,E)

Entertainment: RM 200 ( dining out with children)

House hold expenses: RM 400 ( tesco/giant/ carefour)

Petrol: RM 300

Medical : RM 50


TOTAL : RM 3,130 minimum.

So , if we calculate based on normal lifestyle at RM 3,130 monthly expenses, a year a retiree couple spends RM 37,560 annually from their EPF FUND. Assuming the EPF fund for a retiree is RM 600,000, meaning to say RM 600,000 divide by RM 37,560 = 16 years. Their EPF money can last them for 16 years (Provided NO TRAVELLING, NO PURCHASE OF NEW CAR, NO WEDDING GIFTS, NO EXCESS LUXURIOS LIFESTYLE, NO BUYING NEW PROPERTIES FOR CHILDREN’S DOWNPAYMENT). Just think about it.

Need Help in calculating your retirement. Arrange an appointment Now :

Stage 8 : Living Dead

You might think it’s the end of our life, no more worries. Your guess is wrong. Once an old person die, there are a few things need to be taken care of such as loans and most important of all funeral services. This are the unprepared expenses by the dead, and we the living ones need to face it. So

Is it fair? Nothing is fair in the world. We must plan and prepare a will or even a Fund for our next generation. Start thinking of a will. Call if you need help.

“Life is like a breeze of wind, it comes and goes. When the weather changes, we must be always be prepared of uncertainty”


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