Great News For All Tax payers

Income tax exemption

Good news, Prudential has launch it’s  tax annuity relief plan as much as RM1,000, The  “Pru Retirement Reward”. You   could take this great opportunity to benefit your retirement too.

Check out the information on this tax annuity

Besides this great opportunity of tax annuity, You could enjoy your RETIREMENT INCOME TOO.

Have you think of your retirement financial plan?

How Long will your EPF Last?. What Happen when it is depleted?

  1. Continue Working for the company? Are they going to pay you like you thought?
  2. Work as a part timer in a retail shop?
  3. Hope your children would help you out?
  4. Find opportunity on newspaper?

Your problem has a solution. No need try the above OPTIONS.

” PRU RETIREMENT REWARD” is the answer.

For more information, please meet our friendly wealth adviser


Gibson Ong (

Edmund Woon (

Li Lian (

Call Now  at 016-2150085


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